Dear trade partner

We hope that you'll be intrested in working together with us as without you we will not be able to succeed in reaching our visions and goals. Together we can make a difference and working with us will also hopefully help you to reach your visions and goals.

We can offer you following

  • A good opportunity to profile your company as a responsible, ethical and environmentally conscious supplier and taking a step towards your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) actions
  • Selected distribution with brands that are built to last a long time in the market place. This means that the same products are not sold everywhere or in discount stores and you'll be able to attract customers that become loyal to you. We spend time on finding a good distribution channel for the specific target group at the right moment in time for the specific brand.
  • Investment in the future and the early adopters who seek the new trends and always wanting to find better options for a more sustainable future. This can also improve your profile as you're not only investing in short term growth but on a long term sustainable business and future.
  • Investment in the "now" and in a growth segment. There is a big trend in health and sustainalbe products right now and you can be part of this growing trend and segment.
  • Improved shelf space management and profits as high value items generate more value per square inch.
  • Help with conceptualizing and individualizing the product offers for each one of you. Sourcing relevant brands across categories combined with our knowledge and experience in sustainable concepts we can help you e.g. with building an organic or raw food section or category in your stores.
  • Help to make a brand, product or chosen category come alive in-store and generate more sales with effective marketing and sales support activities.
  • Offering a wide product assortiment instead of depth within the category of health and environmental products. This helps to build e.g. a  "green image" at the same time as there are several synergies in supplying from the same source. Logistical costs are also minimized the more products are sent from one supplier.

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