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The meaning of Gaia

"Earth is not a rock. She has a name and a personality in the cosmos." The image of Earth as a living organism is famously dubbed Gaia by J.E. Lovelock environmentalist.

"Most of us sense that the Earth is more than a sphere of rock with a thin layer of air, ocean and life covering the surface. We feel that we belong here as if this planet were indeed our home. Long ago the Greeks, thinking this way, gave to the Earth the name Gaia or, for short, Ge. In those days, science and theology were one and science, although less precise, had soul. As time passed this warm relationship faded and was replaced by the frigidity of the schoolmen. The life sciences, no longer concerned with life, fell to classifying dead things and even to vivisection. Ge was stolen from theology to become no more the root from which the disciplines of geography and geology were named. Now at last there are signs of a change. Science becomes holistic again and rediscovers soul, and theology, moved by ecumenical forces, begins to realise that Gaia is not to be subdivided for academic convenience and that Ge is much more than just a prefix."


Sustainable living offered to all Nordic households by selling and marketing affordable brands that make a difference environmentally, ethically or health wise!

To inspire a critical mass of people to become more loving in their daily lives - a transformation of consciousness of our global interdependence.



Business Philosophy

“An ecosystem of moral authority, all being interrelated and interdependent. The essence of wisdom is to see the connectedness of things.” People have personal ecosystems just as the planet has an ecosystem. An unbalance in either one of them cause illness but a balance creates harmony and happiness.


Company Profile

We are a trading company based in Copenhagen with a mission to make a difference with pure, healthy, ethical, natural and organic brands. We import, distribute, sell and market our brands in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Nordic Travel Retail market, i.e. airports, airlines and ferry lines. Our expertise lies in a good knowledge of the market, international trends, CSR and many years of sales and marketing experience and maybe most of all a passion for our concept and to make a difference.

DK: Gaia trade Nordic | | Leerbjerg Lod 1| DK-3400 Hillerød | sales@gaiatradenordic.com | +45 26 29 10 43 | CVR DK-3294 2261

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